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Nature Awareness Activities
for Children's Birthday Parties

Animal Clue Relay (ages 7 and up)
Players of several teams will take turns running to retrieve all clues to the mystery animals one at a time, at the same time competing with other teams reviewing the same clues. (Needs wide open space 20 x 20 feet or more.)

Animal Match Relay (ages 4-6)
Kids will learn several key animal by their pictures. Then they will take turns running to retrieve pictures of wildlife one at a time, bring them back and match them with the pictures. (Needs open space 20 x 20 feet.)

The Animal ID Game (ages 7 and up)
Two teams will design tricky animal clues, each to test the other team's impeccable wildlife knowledge. Each team will take turns giving clues, and when correctly answered, will initiate a race for a safe zone. All team members tagged by the answering team pursuing them will be removed for that round. The team with the surviving players wins. (Needs wide open space 20 x 20 feet or more.)

Wild Animal Scramble
(ages 7 and up)
How well do you know differnt kinds of animals? In this animal guessing game, try to guess the name of the animal picture taped/clipped to your shirt backs by asking only yes & no questions of others in the group. Everyone else will be trying to guess their animal at the same time, too. See if you can concentrate while laughing at the some of the crazy animal guesses that will surely come up. (Needs open space 20 x 20 feet.)

Bat & Moths
(ages 7 and up)
Although bats can see, in the dark they use their calls as a kind of sonar to locate flying insects. In this game, we will take turns playing a hungry bat in the dark and a group of yummy moths. We'll discuss behaviors both bats and moths have developed to succeed in getting food and to avoid being eaten. Join the fun to see how well you can evade the bat, or to see how sharp your hearing is! (Needs wide open space 20 x 20 feet.)

Frogs Be Hoppin'
(all ages)
By imitatiing frog calls, children will engage in a lively activity to learn how frogs recognize and find each other at night. Children will then make and color their own folded paper frogs (that actually hop!). Frog quiz (custom made for your area's species) and coloring handouts will also be provided. (Needs wide open space 20 x 20 feet or more.)

Unnature and Nature Walks (ages 7 and up)
Many animals hide or camouflage in plain view in nature because of their color or shape. We'll talk about different ways animals can hide in view by looking at some examples. Then the group will walk in a slow single file silently looking for unnatural I've placed ahead of time along an outdoor trail. When you finish, you'll learn how observant you were. Then we'll walk it again looking harder to see how your sense of observation has improved. You'll be surprised how well some things can hide and how your powers of obervation improve! Then we'll test your skills with natural items! (Needs 30 or more feet of garden edge, forest trail or other wild land.)

Silent Nature Walk (ages 7 and up)
Once we begin this nature hike, we will not speak or make any vocal sounds. You will be immersed into the sounds and sights around us as we walk a trail. We can share observations with each other, but only by showing others without words or sounds. I'm sure you will find you will begin to hear the wildlife, the trees, and the wind have a lot worth listening to. (Needs a wide natural area where we can walk off trail. The older the kids, the more room.)

Nature Scavenger Hunt
(all ages)
Do you have a good eye and imagination? Children in groups will seek out each natural item on a list or card with pictures. The definition of some items may vary with each participant's point of view, and some will encourage out-of-box thinking and observation. Eye opening fun for any age in any natural setting.
(Needs forest trail or other wild land.)

Sleeping Miser Oak
(all ages)
A group game to test your power of listening in nature. One person at time will play the role of the Sleeping Miser Oak guarding his bounty. The rest of us will be squirrels and chipmunks creeping in close enough to help ourselves without being heard.

PSI: Predator Scene Investigators (ages 7 and up; families)
Participants in teams of PSI's will examine evidence in 3 predation scenes, then study various Birds of Prey to determine which species made each of the killings. Using teamwork and deduction, students will learn the different hunting techniques, habits and identification of 5 eagles, hawk, falcon and vulture species. (Guided inquiry; no real birds, feathers or prey.)

Birds of Prey: How They Hunt
(ages 7 and up; families)
In this lecture style presentation, I talk about the different hunting techniques and eating habits of eagles, hawks, falcons and other Birds of Prey. With life-size paintings and a little audience assistance, we'll learn to identify 5-7 birds of prey in a flying pose and investigate how bird's wing shapes relate to the habitat they hunt in and prey they prefer. (Similar lesson as PSI program without the pedation scenes and delivered as a lecture.)

Beginning Science Drawing (ages 4-6)
The basis of science starts with learning how to record what we see. Even at these young ages, children have a knack for understanding. I will engage students by drawing 1-3 animals based on their input. Children will then each draw their own illustrations, self assess their own progress and share with others. Parents may be surprised with what they can accomplish!

Creating Our Own Rock Art (all ages)
Rock Art are symbols and signs made by people hundreds of years ago. Participants will discuss reasons for this form of communication and how we use similar methods today. They will select flat rocks, make yucca brushes and draw their own rock art. Then we'll see how well we can communicate and understand each other's rock art signs. (Works best with groups under 20. Currently only available in Flagstaff, AZ with at least one week notice, unless you have a source of flat rocks - slate, sandstone - 6-10 inches across, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick.)

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