Life Drawing Wildlife Clip Art 

1. Canyon

2. Canyon II

3. SW Aquatic

4. SW Riparian

5. Ponderosa Forest

6. Winter Wetlands

7. Sonoran Desert

8. Chihuahuan Desert

9. Desert Grassland

10. Sky Island

11. Mojave Desert

12. Wildlife Tracks

13. Eastern Aquatic

14. Eastern Riparian

15. Eastern Forest

16. Field and Farm

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Wildlife Clip Art License Agreement

Copyright & License

Life Drawing Wildlife Clip Art its documentation and related materials are copyrighted 1999 - 2007 by Zack Zdinak, sole proprietor, Life Drawing and Education. You may not copy or reproduce any part of the Life Drawing Wildlife Clip Art software or manual, except as permitted by the Copyright Act of the United States, Title 17, United States Code.

This license permits use of Life Drawing Wildlife Clip Art for a single worksite by the User (user is purchaser or designated person, office or worksite). This license does not permit use of any image on offsite multiple computer systems. This license does not permit the transfer of use or copyright to other individuals (except as stated below for contract use), purchasers and/or other worksites (ie: other district ranger stations, other parks in a system, etc.).

Recipients, users or purchasers of products or publications containing Life Drawing Wildlife Clip Art are not permitted to use such Clips in other products or publications.

COPYRIGHT & SIGNATURE REQUIREMENT: ANY REPRODUCTION of the clip art illustrations, flipped and/or cropped portions thereof MUST INCLUDE THE COPYRIGHT SYMBOL, YEAR AND ARTIST'S NAME (i.e.: © 2002 Zackery Zdinak). Copyrights and name are provided as TIFF or EPS files for your convenience. Alternately, type the copyright and name yourself and include these along with the clip art. Or type this copyright information in your publication credit listing with the clip art identification and/or location in publication (ie: ©2002 Zackery Zdinak, raven p.7)

NON COMMERCIAL USE: User may include clip art images royalty free as an part of any non-electronic, non-commercial, non-sale, product or publication (i.e.: free newsletters, non-commercial wayside panel design and/or promotion, in-house flyers & in-house educational materials). Users may authorize contracted service providers to design, print and/or manufacture such products or publications containing User-purchased clip art. Users must require servicer providers to: adhere to all copyright requirements herein, limit use of clip art only for User-specified products and publications.

COMMERCIAl (sale) USE: Any entity (commercial service providers, non-profits, gov't offices, individuals) wanting to use any Life Drawing Clip Art or parts thereof in commercial, for sale products & services (i.e.: sale newsletters, books, contract and commercial interpretive media, advertising, business promotion, ngo promotion, membership drives, commercial graphic design & publications, educational plans and materials, web design), please contact Life Drawing for Stock Art pricing and licensing. Products containing Life Drawing Wildlife Clip Art or any parts thereof may not be sold or marketed as clip art.

WEBSITE USE: In addition to the copyrights and license limitations above, TIFF images or parts thereof MUST BE REDUCED TO 72 dpi (GIFs, JPEGs) for use on the Internet and included in web pages. Clip Art converted to EPS images and/or fractal images are not allowed for use on the Internet or web pages.

Limited Warranty

Life Drawing and Education warrants the enclosed media and documentation to be free from physical defects for a period of ninety days following your receipt of the product. If a noticeable defect occurs within that period, return the CD to Life Drawing and Education for a free replacement.

Image Information

The Life Drawing Wildlife Clip Art CD contains TIFF images readable on Mac, PC and UNIX systems. These images can be imported into or opened directly by any desktop publishing, word processing, image editing or illustration program. See your program manuals for specific details. TIFF images are saved in Photoshop 4.0 TIFF format at 600 dpi.

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