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Clip Art of North American Wildlife
Each bio-regional CDs gives you 50-60 clip art of common and unique species.

Scroll down to select the regional CDs of your area
and then preview all the species clips.

Contact me if you can't find the animal or plant you're looking for.,
Be sure to check the Extra Clips (click here), for 93 more species that couldn't fit on the regional CD's.

CD's are $200 USA each.
Select ndividual clips for $8 each. Small orders can be emailed to you.
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Clip Art CDs:

Southwest Deserts,
Canyons & Mountains
1. Canyon Clips
2. Canyon Clips II
3. SW Aquatic
4. SW Riparian
5. Ponderosa Forest
6. Winter Wetlands
7. Sonoran Desert
8. Chihuahuan Desert
9. Desert Grasslands
10. Sky Islands
11. Mojave Desert
12. Wildlife Tracks

Intermountain West
1. Canyon Clips
2. Canyon Clips II
5. Ponderosa Forest
6. Winter Wetlands
12. Wildlife Tracks
17. Sagebrush
18. Western Wetland
19. Rocky Mt. Forest
20. Rocky Mt. Alpine

Eastern US & Canada
12. Wildlife Tracks
13. Eastern Aquatic
14. Eastern Riparian
15. Eastern Forest
16. Field and Farm
26. North Woods
27. North Wetlands
28. Central Appalachian
29. Southern Appalachian

North American Prairies
21. Tallgrass Prairie
22. Shortgrass Prairie
23.Southern Prairie
24. Prairie Wetland
25. Prairie River

Extra Clips

North Woods Clips

North Wetlands Clips

Central Appalachian Clips

Southern Appalachian Clips

Eastern Aquatic Clips

Eastern Riparian Clips

Eastern Forest Clips

Field and Farm Clips

Tallgrass Prairie Clips

Shortgrass Prairie Clips

Southern Prairie Clips

Prairie Wetland Clips

Prairie River Clips

Rocky Mountain Forest Clips

Rocky Mountain Alpine Clips

Western Wetland Clips

Canyon Clips

Canyon II Clips

Ponderosa Forest Clips

Sagebrush Clips

Aquatic Clips

Riparian Clips

Winter Wetland Clips

Desert Grassland Clips

Desert Clips

Desert Clips

Desert Clips

Sky Island Clips

All illustrations and clip art ©1999-2013 Zackery Zdinak

Extra Clips
93 more wildlife and plants not on regional CD's.

Wildlife Tracks Clips
of 57 species

Retail Life Drawing Wildlife Clipart

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Stock Art License for Commercial Use and
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• 50 or more Wildlife Clip Art per CD

• High quality, 600 ppi, 6" TIFF files

• ISO 9660 format: Mac, PC, UNIX compatible

Regional CDs
US $200/CD
+ shipping
Individual Clips
US $8/each
+ $4 shipping
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